100% Organic cotton!

When you buy an “Ozmoz Clean & Safe” organic babywear product, you can be 100% sure that it arrives you in its cleansed form by protected package and you will be the first person to open it. So, you may use them immediately when bought, no need for pre-wash.

Overlap Bodysuit

Baby bodies (Kimono / Overlap)

Especially designed for newborn or early months of baby; with its kimono form, effortless to put-on. Of course has Clean&Safe properties of cleanliness, hygienic and pure GOTS certified organic cotton. No elastane, 100% cotton but stretchable due to high-quality cotton we use. PRM or NB sizes with self folded gloves for protection of baby.

Clean&Safe Video

GOTS is explained using very simple and engaging story line graphics making clear that using organic fiber alone is not enough but that the whole supply chain has to be considered. Correct on-product labelling is also explained in an easy understandable way.