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100% Organic Cotton!

When you buy an “Ozmoz Clean & Safe” organic babywear product, you can be 100% sure that it arrives you in its cleansed form by protected package and you will be the first person to open it. So, you may use them immediately when bought, no need for pre-wash.

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Clean&Safe Video

GOTS is explained using very simple and engaging story line graphics making clear that using organic fiber alone is not enough but that the whole supply chain has to be considered. Correct on-product labelling is also explained in an easy understandable way.

Introducing our Organic Cotton Clean&Safe sets, specially designed to cater to the essential needs of newborns and babies. With just one purchase, you can have all the necessary clothing items for your little one. These sets are commonly known as "Hospital exit sets" and are perfect to use when leaving the hospital and returning home. They also make for great baby shower gifts.

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