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Baby beanies

Double layer, full covering and non-chemical Clean&Safe beanie is an essential part of baby clothing. They are easily to get cold from their hairless heads, so a beanie is a part of daily life. GOTS certified pure cotton jersey breathe easily and not-sweats even in summer.


Babies are easily chilled from their head or feet; so, we produce healthy and organic beanies for them. Ozmoz Clean&Safe organic baby beanie is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, without any synthetic material. Either in single form or in the hospital set or accessories set, our beanie (or baby hat) is packed in our virus or bacterial protecting package. Clean&Safe’s superior quality fabric feels very stretch even though it is 100% cotton. Organic cotton baby beanie does not have hazardous and risky chemicals and protects baby’s skin health. Clean&Safe beanie pre-cleansed and safely presented in its protective package to keep them clean until it arrives to you. So, you can open the package and use baby body immediately, without washing at home.