Clean & Safe

OZMOZ Clean&Safe products are essential newborn & baby clothing items; expertly designed between Australia and Turkey offices and responsibly made from the GOTS certified softest Organic Turkish Cotton in full GOTS production chain in Turkey; ensures a soft and gentle touch against your newborn or baby's delicate skin.

Naturally, Clean&Safe products are sustainable and safe clothes for babies; made from 100% cotton and does not contain any chemical, pollutant, and allergen*1.

On top of above mentioned GOTS protection, Clean&Safe have decided to use non-dyed, only "outside printed" fabrics to extend its product purity, Just the pure cotton touches to the baby’s skin, not any single dyestuff.

Also, no pre-use wash required before to use, Clean&Safe products’ finish/packing process realize in special environment that have cleanliness of a “surgery room” and with Simurg’s unique patented process.

Within this process, Simurg do not use any of bleaching agent, detergent, soap, softener etc. chemicals; The innovative washing way uses only purified/activated water.

Then, those items are delivered you in a sealed & protective "food-quality" package to ensure their clean state, as a part of the patent. So products does not effect from any pollutant/virus/bacteria during transport, storage or post period; You are being the first person to open them and can use confidently.

So, Clean&Safe products ensure cleanliness and safe use for newborn/baby even better from your home wash; because does not consist any additional chemicals.

The package itself is a part of sustainable philosophy, no need to throw it; re-usable for long period with its zip to carry your baby clothes in travels or keep in drawers.



*1 Allergen tests are being made according to GOTS standard and with DIN 54231:2005 testing method. None of 36 Allergenic or carcinogenic dyestuff has been found during the tests made in International labs…