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OZMOZ Clean&Safe Organic Baby Clothes

100% Cotton Muslin Plaid Spring Girl's Dress

100% Cotton Muslin Plaid Spring Girl's Dress

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Made from 100% cotton.
It is a medium thick woven fabric.
Since it is a woven fabric, it does not stretch.
It is a comfortable fit, does not tighten, and allows freedom of movement.
It has a button closure at the front.
It has a crew neck and long sleeves.
It is not lined but does not show through.
There is a pleated gather at the waist.
There are pockets on the sides.
It is resistant to frequent washing and its color does not fade.
It is a full age mold. Full wet size can be purchased.
It can be used for many years; Please give it to someone who needs it when it shrinks.


100% Organic cotton

Care information

Gentle wash in warm water;

Wash similar colour together,

Bleaching agent, heavy detergent, softener use does not advise;

No dry cleaning;

Medium-hot ironing, iron on reverse side advised.

Size chart

Preemie size: For babies born before 38 weeks of pregnancy.
Newborn to 3M: For babies from newborn to 3 months
3M to 6M: For babies from 3 months to 6 months
6M to 9M: For babies from 6 months to 9 months
9M to 12M: For babies from 9 months to 12 months

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