Organic Production

What is organic production?

Organic cotton production works start at 1970’s, together with establishing environmental consciousness development in many countries.

One of the biggest factors in environmental pollution is the agricultural pollution and it occurs using chemical/synthetic stuff without care of natural life balance. Such stuff penetrates into agricultural soil and effects growing of natural plants like cotton. Organic cotton is producing completely natural ways by comparing to conventional cotton and no chemicals using its growing cycle and its manufacturing process to prevent any residues. Today Wool and Linen is also producing as “organic” by certified suppliers.

The first approach was Ecologic textiles (or eco-textile in other words, or OEKO-TEX certification) are the products made by caring the total environmental protection in all production steps from the fiber form to finished goods. Ecologic products are not harmful in use by the consumer and also able to recycle or able to dissolve in nature without any harmful residue after their using period.

But then, attention focused on residues/chemical ingredients on the materials where can penetrate into the human body through skin contact. So “Organic Clothing” come into the industry. Turkey is one of the pioneer countries of organic cotton production; the export of organic cotton items started at 1990’s. Organic items are manufacture without any harmful content/additive in all production chain, and that chain is observed/secured by independent inspection bodies where each is depending to “Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS”.
(One other standard is OTS (Organic Textile Standard) which same in company/legal/ethical rules but looser in organic content requirements)

Simurg Tasarim (manufacturing company) and Ozmoz have deep/valuable experience in Organic Clothing, where Mrs. Mukadder Ozden one of first Organic clothing manufacturer/exporters in 1994 under GOTS rules. Since then, experience has been built in Simurg Tasarim and serving to our customers as their consultant, too.