Who We Are?

Story of Simurg Tasarim Textile

Simurg Tasarim Textile Co Ltd has been established by Mrs Mukadder Ozden at 2005 who has got significant experience in clothing industry as a textile engineer since 1985. After five years of consultancy services to various companies, Mrs Ozden started to production and export of clothing products.

Simurg team has great experience in Organic and sustainable clothing since 1994 where practical mass production of such items has been started for Europe/World markets. With using that knowledge, the company serve customers worldwide, (especially Scandinavian countries) for babywear, kidswear womenswear, underwear and leisurewear production. Company has capacity for full production of both jersey and woven fabrics in a collection; which that doesn't easily done in many producers. Of course, Simurg Tasarim has GOTS certification since started to production, also an active member of GOTS community in meetings & seminars. Company provides full fair-trade services in its modern premises at Buca/Izmir - Turkey.

Simurg is a member of Aegean Chamber of Industry, Izmir Chamber of Trade, Aegean Exporters’ Association and Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association.

The OZMOZ Brand has been registered in 2011 and started to develop in 2012 by Simurg Tasarim; focused on baby and kidswear. The brand focused on casual/daily products; offers from newborn babies to 10-12 years kids products which is very rich with all organic or recycled cotton items, woven and even organic denim items…

A special babywear line OZMOZ Clean&Safe has been registered and started to develop at 2019 and started to sell at 2021; It is an innovative way for newborn and baby product which is ready to use, cleansed and safely serviced to end users. (** Patent protection application has been made for Clean&Safe method/products.)



What is Simurg mean?

As term, "Phoenix" is the equivalent of Simurg. The mythological bird who returns to life from its ashes.

However, actual meaning is a bit more complex 😊; Comes from Persian culture, with an ancient story. The story tells us the birds whose trying to find eternal bird king “Simurg”; which is actually represents to have a life-long search being better whatever the obstacles are in daily conditions, to result a “completed” self-being, a "human".

So, we are always working for being better in Simurg Textile, to be complete with our business partners and generate success and happiness, too…


Human Rights

Here, in Izmir and Simurg Tasarim; the life become meaningful with respect to human rights, respect to differences and equal approach to every person.

We believe everyone has rights to reach the better life and principal rights. So, we are open to cooperate with business partners who have the same vision. One of our missions is to provide better working standards and conditions in both in-house and our suppliers, meaning all participants of the production chain.

Obviously we provide all necessary (and also over-standard) facilities to our team members to generate a place work with happiness and health.


Ethical Work Standards / CSR

As the result of our humanity approach, we care about working conditions of our production team. In our companies working periods are established according to Turkish Social Security laws and directions, where the majority of those harmonized/equalized with EU norms since 1963 Ankara agreement between Turkey and EU.

Also, our GOTS certification has got one of the strictest social rules (even more careful than BSCI) with version 6.0; This certification is not looking organic product chain authentication alone; It also all modern social standards and fair-trade production requirements

(Workmanship payments, workplace conditions, safety rules, ethic rules, legal obligations, workers’ rights, living wage analysis etc) are carefully inspect/analyze in every audit period.


Environment / Nature

Our initial motto for the World is an Indigenous proverb “We did not inherit the World from our ancestors, borrowed from our children or grandchildren.”


As a part of the earth, we have to have an ethical/sustainable approach for our future environment. It is well known that a lot of sources and chemicals are using in textile production or Cotton growth. In Simurg/Ozmoz we always use certified suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our production.

In production facility, Simurg apply “Zero production waste” policy to protect environment. All of our productional wastes are deliver to certified recycling collectors after separated as fabric, organic fabric, papers, plastics. Naturally we separate office wastes too, paper, plastic, glass, metal and batteries. Just an example how we care; even used metal paper staples are collect in our desks and recycle as other metals.

Organic and sustainable production is one of the main elements of that approach, but even in conventional production, we work with suppliers who have environmental care/respect.

Day by day increasing the percentage of recycled products so we are having more contribution to the protection of the Earth.

As result of our approach, at the beginning of 2022 we exhibited our Recycled Cotton/Recycled Polyester jersey and heavy jersey product line which we call it "REBORN Ultimate Sustainable". That was the first introduction of such a line in Copenhagen Fashion Week. Our recycled product line and product variations are extending day by day, from jersey to woven; daily clothes to baby-kids beachwear or adult swimsuits, raincoats.

As our production base; more efficient resource using, increase recycling efficiency, reduce energy and water use are our main targets. As beginning of 2022 we have no single Incandescent or fluorescent light source exist in Simurg building; all our sources are most energy efficient LED light sources.

Lesser carbon footprint is a must, and all our team has been regularly training for that matter. We are trying to use closest material and accessory suppliers even if their costs reasonably higher, extending the sourcing perimeter only if necessary.

In 2023 our solar energy investment will be made and one more step will be taken for better contribution to protecting valuable sources.



Mukadder Özden

She graduated as a textile engineer in 1985 and worked in all production positions and in various posts in clothing production.

Özden, who fulfilled every duty including general manager post, produced services / products for well-known brands (Adidas, Nike, Patagonia, Enkel, H&M, Donna Karan, etc.) in her professional career. Started in 1995 Organic production journey, made her one of well-known names in this field.

She started to his own business by establishing Simurg Tasarim in 2005. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she was the first woman chairman of EGSD (Aegean Clothing Companies' Association).

Today she is a member of the Board of "Fashion and Apparel Federation" and delegate of "Turkish Exporters' Assembly".

Active social life and supporting NGO's an important part of her life; She is an active Soroptimist for more than 25 years (has been president of Izmir club), continuous supporter of Greenpeace, member/founder of numerous associations and cooperatives.


Mahir Özden

Graduated as textile engineer in 1985; and continued to work as lecturer in the same faculty where the oldest and the most equipped textile engineering faculty of Turkey.

At end of 1992 he left from university and joined a clothing technology/equipment developing company in private sector. In this company he acted as various posts and been an active part of developing various inspection, cutting, CAD/CAM machineries, CAD/EDM Software and consumable materials' development for the clothing industry. Almost all of those technology and products were the first in Turkey, and he managed sales operations to those products and consumables to the 6 continents of the World.

Then, 2012 he couldn't resist invitation to Mrs Ozden and joined to Simurg Tasarim family :)

He's already managing group's sales and export company; and also consulting for Simurg Tasarim's technology and equipment requirements, too.