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OZMOZ Clean&Safe Organic Baby Clothes

Organic Baby Footed Leggings

Organic Baby Footed Leggings

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Our raw materials are sourced, and products are manufactured in an ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious way.

  • Super soft and cosy; Made from the GOTS certified softest Organic Turkish Cotton in Turkey with a complete GOTS production chain.
  • Soft rib fabric high-waist for tender-but-firm grip on baby’s sensitive belly. Self-fabric feet to keep baby warm. Special form for diaper use.
  • Chemical, pollutant and allergen free. Finishing and packing in a separate room with the cleanliness of a surgery room with a patent-protected production line. No pre-use wash is required, delivered to you in a sealed/protective food-quality package 
  • Patented 'Cleansing and Packing' process; no chemical; no bleaching, no detergent, no softener, even no soap during the cleansing process. The innovative washing of baby garments with purified/activated water without any single chemical additive.
  • Inside is pure/plain cotton; only the pure cotton touches the baby's skin, not any single dyestuff. Stretching but without elastane, 100% Organic cotton fabric.


100% Organic cotton

Care information

Gentle wash in warm water;

Wash similar colour together,

Bleaching agent, heavy detergent, softener use does not advise;

No dry cleaning;

Medium-hot ironing, iron on reverse side advised.

Size chart

Preemie size: For babies born before 38 weeks of pregnancy.
Newborn to 3M: For babies from newborn to 3 months
3M to 6M: For babies from 3 months to 6 months
6M to 9M: For babies from 6 months to 9 months
9M to 12M: For babies from 9 months to 12 months

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